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The QLINE: Here’s what you need to know about paying to ride the streetcar

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1. You’ll have to pay as of September 5

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Update: This article was published August 28 and has been updated with the some answers to reader questions.

The honeymoon is almost over and after Labor Day, we’ll all have to pay to ride the QLINE. The summer has been spent working out some issues that come with adding a new transit option to the city, and the QLINE is ready to start taking payments. Here’s some info to keep in mind before the big day.


The price of the QLINE will be determined by how much the passenger plans on riding.

  • $1.50: A single pass, or three hours of rides
  • 75 cents: Seniors (65 and over) and disabled passengers
  • $3.00: A day pass
  • $30.00: A monthly pass
  • $112.00: Unlimited rides for the remainder of 2017
  • 25 cents: Transfers to/from DDOT and SMART buses

They’re encouraging riders to use the mobile app. Tickets can be purchased and verified easily that way. A monthly pass can also be used in a hard copy form, like a credit card. Here’s an example of what it will look like.

How to Pay

Passengers will have a variety of methods to pay for their rides. Plan accordingly.

  • The QLINE Detroit Mobile App will be available on iPhone and Android.
  • Kiosks for payment with credit cards are available at each station.
  • A kiosk is also available on each streetcar, but these only take cash.
  • Payment will also be accepted by check or money order at the Penske Tech Center.
  • Tickets can also be purchased on the QLINE site.

Payment verification

Will someone be coming around to check fares? Yes. Transit personnel will make random checks for payment on the QLINE. Violators will either have to pay, depart, or incur a large fine.

More information can be found on the QLINE site.

It will be a big transition for the new streetcar, but one they’ve been planning all summer. Anymore questions? Thoughts on the improvements over the summer or what’s to come? Let us know on the tip line or in the comments below.