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Hamtramck Stadium takes next step in preservation and restoration

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Hamtramck Stadium grandstand

In January, Hamtramck Stadium—one of the last remaining Negro Leauge ballparks—received a $50,000 grant from the National Park Service African American Civil Rights Program. The grant goes toward assessment and planning for the historic structure. The city released an RFP this week to find the right group to do that work.

According to the RFP, the city would like to rehab the stadium into a multi-purpose park for the public. This would include, “recreational and youth league organized sporting, pickup games, concerts, events, movie screenings, and interpretive exhibition ballgames which explore the heritage of the site.”

The site is near Keyworth Stadium, now home to Detroit City FC. The added green space would have opportunities for, “soccer, cricket, baseball, tennis, volleyball, general play and recreation.”

Hamtramck Stadium is closed to the public and the grandstand is in serious disrepair.

The grant will go toward pre-development and design, with a heavy emphasis on historic preservation. Hamtramck Stadium is one of 11 Negro League stadiums left in the country and one of the few remaining historic baseball fields still standing in the Detroit area.

Proposals for pre-development are due August 18.

Fox Sports Detroit recently profiled the stadium.