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Indian Village Tudor needs work, asks $310K

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Photos by Planomatic

This new listing in Indian Village looks like a beauty on the outside, and the price had us doing a double take. It’s missing a lot of the charm inside that we normally see in these houses, and flipping through the photos, we can tell something’s off. We’re hearing that it’s livable, but the new owners will have some projects to take on when they get it (that’s all we know). It’s about 4,000 square feet, and it’s listing for $309,995.

It’s located toward the Mack end of Seminole on a large double lot. The brick exterior is lovely, and it has those awnings all the houses used to have in the back. Inside, we see a few fireplaces, some tiling, hardwood floors, six bedrooms, a nice den, and a slightly boring but spacious kitchen. A lot of the house looks like a blank slate, so perhaps they’ll need to find the perfect owner who will want to put in the work to make functional and design improvements. It’s listed through Joy Santiago at Dwellings Unlimited.