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New city neighborhood website tells Detroit stories, offers better access to data

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Who gets to tell Detroit’s story and what is that story exactly? Now Detroiters have their own outlet to tell their story about their neighborhood and their city. just launched as a platform and resource for Detroit residents. Under the direction of writer Aaron Foley through the city of Detroit, the site offers government contact information, video content, and key data sets to help residents and anyone better understand the 200+ neighborhoods around the city.

At a higher level, we can peruse each district and see city council members along with their contact information. This map can be drilled down to see historic districts, parks, libraries, and schools.

District Map

Neighborhoods can also be looked at individually. For example, looking at Hubbard Farms (we get there by clicking on the neighborhood within the larger map), we can get:

  • Neighborhood history
  • A link to share stories
  • Investments in the neighborhood
  • Home renovations
  • Police officers and contact info
  • Resources on home buying, schools, and ways to help the community

On the right side, the Neighborhood Data Tool leads us to a citywide map with MLS info, building permits, demolitions, and more. Here’s what we get from looking at MLS sales in 2016. Notice how many were done with cash across the city. Also, condo sales seem to be missing.

Detroit Citywide Map

For anyone interested in Detroit or data, it’s a site you can get lost in for a while. For residents, it’s an easier way to find useful information pertaining to living in the city.