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Handsome home in the Joseph Berry Subdivision asks $360K

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Curb appeal!

Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

We rarely see homes go up for sale in the Joseph Berry Subdivision, located between East Jefferson Avenue and the Riverfront, east of the Gold Coast. The neighborhood has a wide array of houses, along with some famous neighbors. This new listing has charm, character, and it’s been maintained throughout the years. The 3,200-square-foot, five bedroom home is listing for $360,000.

The house certainly has curb appeal going for it, with a beautifully landscaped yard around it. Inside, just a warning, there’s a lot of different patterns of wallpaper. But that could come down and it’s full of leaded glass windows, French doors, woodwork, and tiling to add character. The kitchen is small, but has a breakfast nook. It also looks like the washer and dryer are nearby. Needs some work? Probably, but it’s a charming house in a cool neighborhood near the water. It’s listed through Austin Black at City Living Detroit.