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Single-family Ecohomes, brewery education program, more coming to Midtown

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The Selden Corridor Initiative is underway

Midtown Detroit, Inc.

Midtown Detroit Inc. has officially started a new $20 million development along Selden Street between Second Avenue and Fourth Street, bringing a variety of housing, restaurants, and programming to the district.

The development will include 14 new single-family houses—Ecohomes—in the first phase, along with a new restaurant, brewery education program, a courtyard, new rental units, and an accelerator space for start-ups for women and minorities.

Sue Mosey of Midtown Detroit, Inc. says this is part of a micro-district strategy in the area. Of the 14 homes that will be built, half are already sold. The goal, she says, is to sell all of them within the next three months. They’re mostly 1,400 square feet (with some up to 1,800), and selling for $300 per square foot. One home, which will be purchased by Midtown Detroit Inc., will be set aside as an affordable unit at 60% AMI. This house will be rented.

Midtown Detroit, Inc.

The houses were designed through an in-house competition at Smith Group JJR. All houses have a porch, front yard, back yard, garage, and basement.

The houses will be located along 4th Street, between Selden and Alexandrine, with more coming toward Willis in the next phase. The land is currently vacant but zoned for single-family homes. Currently in Midtown, there are very few options for single-family homes; most are apartment buildings or duplexes.

The houses will have rooftop solar panels, solar thermal hot water heating systems, energy efficient thermal envelopes, sustainable landscaping, and rain barrels.

They’re aiming to be finished with the first phase in nine months.

Also included in the Selden Corridor Initiative will be a Barcade at 666 Selden Street. Also in this building will be a brewery training program, aimed at women and minorities, that will be a collaboration with Eastern Michigan University. Beer will be brewed here, pumped under the new courtyard space, and into a northern Michigan-inspired restaurant at 644 Selden.

The second floor of 644 Selden will house the Creative Company Accelerator, which will offer 9,000 square feet of coworking, classroom, and office space. Built on top of 644 Selden will be two stories of rental units.

Renderings by VolumeOne Design Studio, Detroit
644 Selden from the street
Renderings by VolumeOne Design Studio, Detroit
666 Selden, Barcade
Renderings by VolumeOne Design Studio, Detroit
666 Selden, brewery
Renderings by VolumeOne Design Studio, Detroit

The courtyard will have a modular seating system on rails, steel planters, larger canopy trees, and a small stage in the back.

The development is right down the street from the Selden condo development, which is nearing its finish line. It’s also near the larger Wigle development, which will bring 300 residential units to Midtown.