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Demo watch: 136-year-old home near arena comes down, 1870 building may be next

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The holdout house still stands

Photo by Mark Hall

This week, a few structures within the footprint of the new Little Caesars Arena and other Olympia properties are facing demolition. The first was expected; the 136-year-old house seen above sits next to the last holdout house right by the arena. But the first house was owned by the Ilitches, and now demolition has started.

The neighboring house is still up for sale for $5 million.

Over in Foxtown, behind the Fillmore, two odd yet distinctive buildings are in danger of demolition.

Burton Historical Collection

These two buildings sit at 54 and 62 Elizabeth Street, behind the Fillmore Theatre. They’re now owned by Chuck Forbes, who owns the Fillmore. The buildings are not protected, as they sit adjacent, but not in, the Park Avenue Historic District. Jim Forbes went to the Historic District Commission on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming demo, which will give the Fillmore room for loading and parking for the venue.

According to MLive, Forbes said the demolition is necessary for the Fillmore because of the construction of the Little Caesars World Headquarters next door.

The cool little buildings made our map of buildings left out Detroit’s revival a while back, and unlike many others, it looks like they might not make it.

The buildings are right next door to the Women’s City Club Building, which Crain’s just reported was just “quietly” purchased by the Ilitches.