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Explore Tiny Homes Detroit in a video tour

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Residents are moving in

We’ve been following the construction of tiny homes in Detroit by Cass Community Social Services. The homes are for low-income individuals and follow a rent-to-own model. We visited in May as the first six houses were being finished by volunteers. Recently, our video team stopped by to chat with Reverend Faith Fowler and some new residents that are preparing to move in.

The homes are located on vacant land near the Lodge and Woodrow Wilson Drive. CCSS would like to build 25 in total; the houses are funded through donations and built by volunteers. The houses range in size between 250-400 square feet and each is just a little bit different. Some are studios, while others have a loft, and some have a separate bedroom. They’re awfully cute, more spacious than you’d imagine, and it’s a program that just might work here. Questions about it? We’ve answered some of the most frequent ones here.