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Redevelop this east side school, yours for $45K

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Courtesy of Denovo Real Estate

Let’s take a minute to think about adaptive reuse, specifically with schools. Last year we visited St. Vincent in Corktown, which has been converted to offices for small businesses. We’re keeping an eye on the Cooley Reuse Project, which hopes to convert Cooley High into a community space in northwest Detroit. So here we have an opportunity on the east side of town, near Chandler Park. The former Servite Catholic High School/Powell Academy, built in 1923 (more on its history here), is now up for sale. It sits on nearly two and a half acres and it’s listing for sale for $45,000.

It would be a big project, and you can see the interior is in pretty rough shape. It’s a big property, and it’ll need someone with big ideas and the cash to make it happen. What do you think would benefit this area, Curbed readers? It’s listed through Darin McLeskey at Denovo Real Estate.

4863 Lakeview Street