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30 Detroit properties owned by Kefallinos for sale

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From the Michigan Theater to Harvard Square Centre

The Roosevelt Hotel, March 2017.
Photo by Robin Runyan

For decades, Dennis Kefallinos has invested in Detroit real estate, but it looks like he’s now pulling out. Dozens of Kefallinos’ properties in Detroit and Hamtramck are now up for grabs, including the Harvard Square Centre high-rise and the Michigan Theater Building. Crain’s Detroit Business reported that Kefallinos is selling a total of 30 properties, or 2.3 million square feet on more than 100 acres of land.

None of Kefallinos’ residential properties are for sale. Part of the reason why is because almost all of them are tied up in lawsuits, according to MLive. The Russell Industrial Center property is also not on the market.

There are no reports yet on the reasoning behind this massive sale.

Below, see the full list of properties that are now on the market:

  1. Roosevelt Hotel (2250 14th Street)
  2. Shapero Hall, former Wayne State University school building (1401 Rivard Street)
  3. Harvard Square Centre (1346 Broadway Street)
  4. Michigan Theater Building (220 Bagley Street)
  5. Perlex building (2821 E. Grand Boulevard)
  6. 227 Adelaide Street
  7. Former Burton International School/Franklin Elementary School (1333 Pine Street)
  8. Former Caesar Chavez school (1548 Porter Street)
  9. Vacant riverfront property (1801 W. Fort Street)
  10. Industrial building (1221 Rosa Parks Boulevard)
  11. Former distribution building (1982 W. Jefferson Avenue)
  12. Former southwest Detroit hospital (2401 20th Street)
  13. Topor's Pickle and Food Service building (2850 Standish Street)
  14. Fairmont Creamery building (600 E. Milwaukee Avenue)
  15. Perlex building (2821 E. Grand Boulevard)
  16. Russell Street industrial building (5845 Russell Street)
  17. Office building (10201 Joseph Campau Avenue)
  18. Southern Fires restaurant building (575 Bellevue Street)
  19. Goeschel Building (3230 Gratiot Avenue)
  20. Former Pfeiffer Brewing Co. building (3700 Beaufait Street)
  21. Bellevue industrial property (2425 Bellevue Street)
  22. Former Joe's Marine building (547 Lycaste Street)
  23. Former Midwest Cabinet and Counter property (630 Lycaste Street)
  24. Former Anna M. Joyce Elementary School building (8411 Sylvester Street)
  25. Former southwest Detroit YMCA building (1601 Clark Street)
  26. Former Roberts Brass Co. building (5435 W. Fort Street)
  27. Former Wayne Foundry and Stamping Co. building (3100 Hubbard Street)
  28. Building (3944, 3948, and 3950 Michigan Avenue)
  29. Former Thorn Apple Valley slaughterhouse (2902 Orleans Street)
  30. Land (1825 Division Street)
  31. Former Hoban Cold Storage Co. property (1599 E. Warren Avenue)

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