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Detroit’s historic Sanders candy store sign revealed

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Such sweet news!

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Before, a “brownish facade” covered the iconic Sanders sign in Downtown Detroit. This Wednesday, that facade was removed, revealing the somewhat faded, but still clear letters that give a glimpse to the past of the building, located at 1529 Woodward Avenue. The historic Sanders sign was installed on the Downtown building in 1948, according to Daily Detroit.

Fred Sanders founded the Sanders candy company in 1875. At one point, the company was able to expand to a total of 57 locations before eventually closing down in 1982. In the early 2000s, Morley Candy Makers purchased the company after it was sold to Country Home Bakery of Connecticut.

In May 2016, Dan Gilbert purchased the Sanders Building and the adjacent Grinnell Building for an undisclosed price. Both buildings were designed by Albert Kahn.

Work on the building is expected to complete in early 2018.

What the building at 1529 Woodward Avenue looked like before the Sanders sign was uncovered.
Photo via Google Street View

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