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Wild, wallpapered Woodbridge home wants $239K

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Rehab potential!

Photos by Planomatic

Sometimes we feel like we might have come across a pretty good deal, and this is one of those times. This four bedroom Woodbridge home is a rehab, but there’s a lot to work with here. The wallpaper is pretty striking in has all the different patterns you can imagine. But the floors and the woodwork make this one a keeper; the potential to make this one shine again is off the charts. It’s listed for $239,000.

The house will also need updating in the kitchen and bathrooms. The dining room has gorgeous built-ins and leaded glass windows. You’ll also find pocket doors, a fireplace, and a lot of potential in the attic space. It’s located on Avery Street, close to Grand River. It’s close to Midtown, downtown, Corktown, and Wayne State. It’s a solid house at a good price in a great neighborhood. It’s listed through Jason Hill at Historic Realty Detroit.