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See Michigan Central Station lit up with a rainbow of colors

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It’s mesmerizing

We keep dreaming of what the future could hold for Michigan Central Station, the most prominent vacant building in Detroit and a long time symbol of the city’s decline. We’ve seen slow progress in the past couple years, first with the addition of the windows and an elevator, and most recently with the announcement of the Detroit Homecoming event, which will be held tonight at the depot. Matthew Moroun might be starting to feel some pressure to do something with the building; he recently admitted he’d like to see passenger trains there again.

Last night, the old train station put on quite the light show, dazzling passers-by with array of lights through all the windows, forming patterns and words along the way. Of course we see “Detroit Homecoming,” along with “Reinvent,” and “Reimagine.” From one of the videos, we also see “Bluewater,” the group that creates these light displays.

We hope it impresses the ex-pats who are visiting. We hope we hear real plans for the depot soon. Here’s a look at what Corktown visitors saw last night.

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Michigan Central Station

2198 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216