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New Hudson’s site renderings revealed; observation deck now included [updated]

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We’ll be able to see for miles


Update: SHoP sent Curbed some fun illustrations of the site, which we’ve included below.

Bedrock has revealed updated information on the Hudson’s site, which—now that the Little Caesars Arena is completed—should be the largest new construction in the city. In the new plans, the tower now soars 800 feet high, and yes, we’ll get a much-needed observation deck downtown.


The new design is becoming more angular and is meant to be very much a public space. Streetscapes on all sides will be activated, with 75,000 square feet of public space, a ground floor market, and 100,000 square feet of retail space. The structure will also include a performance space with a 1,500 person capacity. And yes, we’re noticing that greenery on the podium rooftop.

The building will be 1,000,000 square feet in total (not including underground parking for 700 cars), with 330 residential units and 240,000 square feet of office space.

The building will be the first in Detroit to be well certified, which will adhere to health and well-being standards for the people who use it.

Dan Gilbert’s Bedrock is the developer of the $900 million project, with SHoP Architects as the Design Architect and Detroit-based Hamilton Anderson Associates as the Architect of Record. The General Contractor will be Barton Malow.

This first illustration from SHoP shows the pedestrian through-cut and market spaces along Farmer Street, “behind the saucy garage doors.”


The second shows a dollhouse view of the podium. They say there may be some Easter eggs in this one.


Groundbreaking for the iconic Hudson’s site is expected in December 2017.

Hudson's Site

1208 Woodward, Detroit MI, Detroit , Michigan