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Charming North Rosedale Park home asks $115K

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This cute four bedroom house in North Rosedale Park is full of character, but we’re having a hard time getting past all the ivy on the outside. While it looks quaint, we’re a little concerned about what could be calling it home. Maybe it’s time for it to come down. Either way, this house has just enough room and it’s listing for a very pleasant price: $114,900.

The house has a sweet corner entryway, bordered by landscaping and trees. A balcony overlooks the living room and fireplace, and high ceilings make it feel extra spacious. The living areas have hardwood floors, and the kitchen has just enough room to move. The house also has two bathrooms, a basement for storage, and a big backyard with a carport. It’s located just north of Grand River in northwest Detroit, near lots of shops and restaurants.