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Detroit’s Amazon bid goes international

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Windsor’s on board

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit may not have as many advantages as other big cities when it comes to bidding for Amazon’s new headquarters, but now we have something others do not: Canada.

The Windsor Star reported yesterday that city officials are on board to bid with Detroit for the new location for the Amazon HQ2.

Windsor officials are meeting with Dan Gilbert and the bidding team to discuss the partnership. According to the Windsor Star, Dan Gilbert—who’s leading the Detroit bidding efforts—said,

“Detroit is the only city competing for Amazon’s headquarters that not only sits on an international border but the busiest international border of one of our country’s largest trading partners. Amazon will be able to draw employees from two countries rich in technology talent with diverse backgrounds while cementing it as the first major company in the world whose headquarters would literally share an international border. That’s why we are very excited to work with Windsor to bring Amazon to our shared border.”

Cities around North America are working to submit proposals for the potential $5 billion investment, which comes with upwards of 50,000 jobs. Amazon’s looking for some key factors in the proposals, including space, talent, and transit. Detroit knows where it’s lacking. Proposals are due October 19.