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Arden Park beauty needs work, asks $385K

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Arden Park is lined with gorgeous old mansions in varying states of upkeep. It certainly has a few that could use the care, time, and money that go into the mansions across Woodward in Boston-Edison. This 4,200-square-foot house might be aiming too high in its price, but it still has plenty of lovely details. It’s listing for $385,000.

The kitchen could use some sprucing up, starting with the drop ceilings. The living areas downstairs have dark wood beams on the ceiling, great built-ins, wood paneling, and beautiful fireplaces in the living room and the den. Maybe it’s the lighting, maybe it’s the curtains, but we’re getting a slightly haunted vibe from it. We can certainly imagine its original grandeur and what it could be again. The house has six bedrooms, three full and one half bath, a sauna, and it’s located a block off of Woodward Avenue. We hope the right person finds this one at the right price.