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For $165K, a revamped, move-in ready home in the North End

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Out in the North End, we’ve seen houses in varying states of renovation listing in the past six months. This gorgeous home needed work, listed for $95K, and sold for $100,000. This big duplex also needed to be renovated, listed big for $198,500, and recently selling for $175,000. This new listing offers a freshly renovated, move-in ready single-family home with a $165,000 price tag.

The 1910 house is over 1,500 square feet with three bedrooms, one and a half baths, dark hardwood flooring, and white finishes galore. The kitchen has white counter tops and cabinets, and a subtle back splash (for a welcome change). Subway tiling can be found in the bathroom and the house has new windows throughout. The home also has dreamy bay windows in the landing of its staircase. The house is located on Melbourne, a couple blocks off of Woodward in the heart of the North End.