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Amazon to Detroit: Gilbert touts office space, Canada on TV, releases hype video

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Momentum breeds momentum, y’all

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Dan Gilbert is very excited about the thought of Amazon setting up their new headquarters here in Detroit. This morning, he appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box along with Mayor Mike Duggan to talk about why Detroit of all places should land the new Amazon HQ2.

Duggan talks about how we were just in bankruptcy three years ago and since, improvements like police, parks, services, and the Pistons moving back into town have re-energized the city. Multiple development projects were noted, as well as our universities like Wayne State, U of M, and Michigan State. And hey, Canada’s on board. Denver doesn’t have Canada.

Both Duggan and Gilbert then spoke about how we have so much space to build new offices. Gilbert even offered to move his employees to different spaces to accommodate Amazon employees.

You can watch the video here.

Dan Gilbert then released a new video on Twitter this morning, showing off just how great the Motor City is. Can you feel it, Amazon?

Earlier this week, we asked how you felt about Detroit’s chances. With nearly 1,200 votes so far, over half of you are pretty hyped about the bid.