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For $3,100 a month, a furnished Corktown loft

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Right next to downtown

via Zillow

We generally feature rentals from $800-1,500 in our Curbed Comparisons, but once in a while a crazy expensive rental comes our way. This is definitely one of the more expensive ones listed right now. Located in the same building as the $1.6 million loft, this loft is a modest 1,200 square feet and it’s asking for $3,100 per month.

It does come with perks, including TVs and toys like a keyboard and a record player. It’s also pet-friendly (as seen in the photos). Wifi, gas, nd electricity are also included. The location is ideal, right on the edge of Corktown, close to downtown. It’s walkable to both neighborhoods and bikeable to many more. Style-wise, it’s all industrial, with big windows, exposed brick, wood beams, wood floors, and vintage signage. It has one dedicated bedroom and another with bunk beds/lofts. This is what rentals on the higher end of the Detroit market look like.