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Motown Movement house victim of arson; group launches fundraiser

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Resurget Cineribus


Earlier this spring, a group of architecture students from the Netherlands embarked on a project to create a resource center for sustainable living and energy efficiency here in Detroit. They chose a house on Ford Street, and have been working all summer with volunteers to rehab the vacant home in a project called the Motown Movement.

Sadly, the house fell victim to arson on Thursday night. The Fire Department was called quickly and damage was mainly in the basement.

The group has launched a Patronicity campaign to rebuild and repair the damage.

According to the campaign,

“Luckily, the fire fighters (true heroes!) saved our house. We do have severe but reparable damage in the basement: air ducts melted and came down, windows broke, wiring and plumbing in the basement are battered and beams & joists were charred. We are also fortunate in that the upper floors are in good shape still. After some investigation of experts the damage is estimated at $35K.”

The money they raise will go toward labor in repairing floors, mechanical ducts, framing, and wiring. They’ll also need to replace windows and doors and add cameras.

The group is working with local nonprofits to demonstrate concepts of energy efficiency and how others can implement them in cost-efficient ways in their homes.

More on the arson and the info on the crowdfunding campaign can be found here. Photos and info on the work that’s been done this summer can be found on their Facebook page.