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Women-owned businesses to celebrate first anniversary in Corktown

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At Bagley & Trumbull

Bagley & Trumbull Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last summer, we visited the renovated storefronts at Bagley and Trumbull, as new businesses were opening at the now-bustling corner in Corktown. A year later, these three women-owned businesses are planning a first anniversary celebration, as two more plan on opening soon.

A celebration is planned Sunday, September 17 from 3-6 p.m. The festivities will include free kids haircuts, chair massages, pop-up businesses, a DJ, a piñata and games, coupons, cake, ice cream, and more.

The Bearded Lady Salon was the first to open last year on July 1. Mama Coo’s Boutique followed, opening on August 11. The Farmer’s Hand Market opened the following month on September 30.

(Left to right) Rohani Foulkes of The Farmer’s Hand, Lana Rodriguez of Mama Coo’s Boutique, Kiki Louya of The Farmer’s Hand and Ash Hipps of The Bearded Lady join forces to celebrate the first anniversary of their respective businesses, sharing a building in Corktown at Bagley and Trumbull.

Each owner had their own unusual connection to the space. Ash Hipps of The Bearded Lady new building owner Brian Mulloy as a client. Lana Rodriguez of Mama Coo’s was told about the storefront by her grandmother, who works at the Most Holy Trinity Church. And Kiki Louya and Rohani Foulkes of The Farmer’s Hand wanted to open their market in the space since it was historically home to markets in the past.

Soon to open upstairs will be Meta Physica, last year’s Hatch Detroit winner. Lady of the House, a new restaurant, will soon open in the old St. Cece’s across the street.

The community celebration will be held at 1701 Trumbull.