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Across from the arena, a two-bedroom townhouse asks $525K

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Steps away from the LCA

via Estately

Property values along the Woodward corridor near downtown have been rising for a while. Now the Little Caesars Arena is finally opening, and those prices look like they’ll keep on rising. Newly listed is a two bedroom, two bath townhouse with an attached garage. It’s located a block off of Woodward on Adelaide, merely steps from the Arena, the QLINE, and just over I-75 from downtown proper. These townhouses used to sell for a fraction of their current listing prices. This one is going for $524,995.

The location is of course the selling point in these townhouses. Inside, you’ll find carpeting, vaulted ceilings, and about the same look as they had when they were built in 2003. This one is 1,800 square feet, and it’s certainly hard to find that sort of space that close to downtown. Others have sold for over $300 per square foot this year. We shall see.