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Belle Isle/DNR listening to public feedback for possible Grand Prix renewal

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Speak up!

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

A few months ago, we asked readers where the Detroit Grand Prix should be held. The race has been at Belle Isle since 2012, and it causes a lot of disruption at the park at a time when many want to get outside and use the park.

Now the Department of Natural Resources and Belle Isle are listening to public feedback before the event is up for a five-year renewal.

A public listening session will be held Wednesday, September 20 at 6 p.m. at the Belle Isle Nature Center to gather feedback on the matter. Following an overview of the subject, each speaker will be given two minutes to give feedback. They’re also accepting written feedback via email at through September 22.

"Public input is a critical step in evaluating the renewal of the agreement with the Grand Prix to use Belle Isle as an event venue, and we want to ensure that everyone’s opinions and ideas are heard," said Ron Olson, DNR Parks and Recreation Division chief.

After the next five-year agreement is drafted, it will be open for public review as well.

More information on the meeting can be found here.

Our readers had many ideas for a new place for the Grand Prix; City Airport was a popular choice. Many also thought Belle Isle would be fine for the Grand Prix if the set-up time was decreased substantially. Currently, it takes over six weeks in the springtime.