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Detroit lands on another must-visit list

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We’re on board with this

The Siren Hotel opens soon, if you’re planning a visit.
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We were a little surprised last year when the New York Times named Detroit as the #9 global destination in 2017. Lonely Planet joined in later in the year, calling Detroit the #2 city in the world to visit. Now, CBS This Morning is on board with the Motor City.

This past weekend, Peter Greenberg listed top global destinations for travel this year, including Portugal, Malta, Chile, and Detroit. In boasting about the Motor City, he says, “They’ve restored all the buildings, they’ve restored all the parks.” Spoiler alert: If you’re coming to visit, not all of the buildings or parks are restored. But the city is in much better shape than it was a few years ago.

Greenberg also mentions restaurants along the riverfront (there aren’t many, but you can find a lot of good ones in the metro area here). He also mentions our great baseball team (which is currently going through a rebuild).

What can we add? Detroit has three new hotels opening this year, plus the spectacular Foundation Hotel that opened last year. The Little Caesars Arena also opened last year, bringing our four professional sports teams within a few blocks from each other.

If you’re coming in to visit, might we suggest our pocket guide with places to visit around the city, including lots of old buildings and parks.

For the report on Detroit and other big travel destinations, check out the video here.