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La Salle Gardens home tries for $310K

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Photos via Estately

When we saw this La Salle Gardens home pop up today, we first had a sense of deja vu. Then we might have had a spit take. This is a familiar house; we featured it when it went up for sale for $209,000 last year. It eventually sold for $190,000. Readers thought the ask was a little high. Hey, new year, new market. We see a few changes in the house, but not enough to warrant its current ask at a whopping $310,000.

We understand that more renovations and development are happening in that area, just north of the Motown Museum. We think these houses are beautiful. But that’s quite a jump in one year. This seems more fitting for an ask close to or maybe even in Boston-Edison. The house has five bedrooms, one full and two half baths, beautiful woodwork and a warm fireplace, a sun room, and a finished third floor. It looks like the new owner changed up the kitchen a little (photos from a year ago can be seen here). Let’s hear what you think it could and might sell for.