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Development Notes: Crowne Plaza expansion, Highland Park redevelopment, and more

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Crowne Plaza downtown
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve already discussed what a big year 2018 will be for hotels, but we could see a big expansion to a current hotel soon. Crain’s reports that Crowne Plaza has plans to build a second tower even taller than the existing one. The new tower would be 28 stories and 338-feet tall. Construction would start later this year to be completed in 2021.

MLive reports that Planet Fitness is moving into the east Riverfront. The new location will be 30,000 square feet with an 80-space parking lot. They plan to start building in February, with an opening date in May. The gym will open at 1400 Woodbridge, near Rivard Plaza, Orleans Landing, and the Stone Soap redevelopment. Planet Fitness could also be considering more locations in Detroit proper (in addition to the two current locations).

Highland Park has released an RFP for redevelopment of 1,000 city properties, reports the Detroit Free Press. According to the article, Mayor Hubert Yopp said, “This is an important step for our city and we appreciate the Michigan Land Bank and Wayne County Land Bank for their support. Highland Park has strong, unique assets. Our residents and businesses have a great sense of pride and we want to find qualified developers who are excited to leave their mark here and build for a strong future.” Last year, we shared a strategic vision for Highland Park, which has great potential right in the middle of Detroit.

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