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New app helps visitors navigate the Heidelberg Project

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

A while back, we talked to the company Isobar, who was working to use technology to capture the Heidelberg Project as it changes. The group has now released a new app designed to help understand the history, construction, and inspiration behind many installations.

The Heidelberg App, available on the App Store and Android, includes both information about individual installations and a map to guide visitors through the blocks. Visitors can go in-depth into the installations, giving each one better context and helping to tell founder Tyree Guyton’s and the Heidelberg Project’s story.

Isobar has been working out of the Detroit office with the Heidelberg Project for over a year. We can expect more projects to be announced and launched between them.

A screenshot of the app.
Courtesy of Isobar
The app includes a map of the installations in the Heidelberg Project.
Courtesy of Isobar

“The Heidelberg Project inspires creativity and embodies our ideals of spreading innovation” said Dave Meeker, VP at Isobar. “When we first started working with The Heidelberg Project we didn’t know what the output would look like, rather we’d work with their team to understand the needs of such a unique organization and then design and build things that help them do what they do and make a positive impact on society. We are impressed by what they have done and continue to do with public art and creative inspiration and we are proud to be able to collaborate with them and bring forward new ways to further their mission.“

The Heidelberg Project has gone through many changes over the past few years, including a shift toward Heidelberg 3.0, which will be an “art-infused community,” instead of a project driven by just Guyton. As the Heidelberg Changes, the app intends to change with it, including both historical and current installations.

The Heidelberg Project

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