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Detroit’s out for AmazonHQ2 [updated]

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Didn’t we almost have it all? (No)

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Update: Both Dan Gilbert and Mayor Mike Duggan have released statements, which we’ve included below.

We gave it our best shot.

Amazon revealed its 20 finalists for the coveted HQ2 and out of the 238 submissions, we’re sorry to say that Detroit just didn’t make the cut.


Throughout the competition, Detroit was seen as a dark horse, a sentimental favorite. And we offered a cool international bid with Windsor that made us stand out. But we just didn’t match the criteria, and cities like Denver, Chicago, Boston, Austin, and Toronto are moving forward.

We don’t have the fancy mass transit that Amazon was looking for in their chosen city. We did offer cheap real estate, access to great talent, and tax incentives. And Detroiters wanted it, more than any other city.

Let’s look at the bright side, though. For once, regional and business leaders actually worked together toward a common goal. And honestly, a lot of people were proud of the bid and of the city. Perhaps some other companies are looking for cheap real estate to move their business? How you doin’, Apple?

Dan Gilbert, who led the regional effort, has released this statement:

Obviously, we are all disappointed Amazon did not name Detroit as one of the 20 cities they will be further evaluating for their new “HQ2”.

We are not deterred in any way, shape or form. Detroit is the most exciting city in the country right now and the momentum continues to build every single day.

All you have to do is spend an hour walking around town and you will have a very clear and deep understanding of the opportunities, optimism and future of the motor city.

We have no doubt our best days are ahead of us. There are numerous large and small deals you will continue to see develop into reality in the months and years ahead.


Dan Gilbert

Mayor Mike Duggan also has this to say:

If anything, we still have this cool video.

Time to move forward, Detroit.