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Piety Hill commercial property needs full renovation, seeks $89K

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Café? Single-family home?

Photos by Stylish Detroit

Let’s talk about the area between New Center and Boston-Edison, Woodward and the Lodge. Known as Piety Hill, it hasn’t seen as much investment or renovations as the areas surrounding it. But that’s starting to change. Although there’s still plenty of opportunity, many houses are starting to be renovated.

An interesting listing came up this week at Third Avenue and West Philadelphia Street, across from a park. This 1932 service station needs all the work, but could be either residential or commercial—the listing states, “The property is zoned R5 (Medium Density Residential) and has current legal land use permitted as “carry out restaurant” since 1984.” The listing also offers some ideas for renovation, including possible single- or multi-family options. It’ll take a bold vision and a lot of money, but could this be a prime property for redevelopment? What would you do with it? It’s listed through James Renberg at City Living Detroit.

Floor plans by Brush Park Studio
Rendering by Brush Park Studio