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East English Village wins the Curbed Cup again

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Congrats EEV!

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Was there ever any doubt?

After their highly contested dark horse win in last year’s Curbed Cup, East English Village was ready to defend their title in 2017.

After taking down Southwest Detroit in the first round and last year’s finalist The Villages in the second round, East English Village found their toughest competitor in the 2012 Curbed Cup winner, Grandmont Rosedale. Even thought Grandmont Rosedale rallied within their community, EEV reigned supreme to make it to the finals.

They faced New Center in the finals, and even though the centralized neighborhood is seeing a lot of development and activity lately, it didn’t have enough to take on the close-knit east side community. EEV won easily, keeping the now-real trophy in the neighborhood.

Why East English Village? The residents welcome a chance to rep their neighborhood.

“EEV offers affordable architectural gems, lovely outdoor space to create gardens, entertain family and friends or allow pets to run in a protected yard and the bonus of living within an outstanding safe community with friendly, fun, caring neighbors committed to quality of life issues. We should know . . . We’ve lived here 25 years!”

Congrats EEV!