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The Fisher Building reps Detroit neighborhoods, adds maker shop

Are you sad that your neighborhood didn’t win this year’s Curbed Cup? The Fisher Building has added new signs around its exterior to promote community and offer a chance to showcase neighborhood pride.

Courtesy of the Platform

Over 100 Detroit neighborhood signs are on display around the Fisher Building, in an effort to show that the building is for everyone from any neighborhood. Community member are encouraged to rep their neighborhood with selfies in front of the signs, with the hashtag #MyDetroitNeighborhood.

And while the Fisher Building has opened more retail in its storefronts this past year, it will soon open its Concourse for a new market. In the coming months, MKR Underground will open as a collective for designers, makers, and artists from around the city.

“Our aim is to be in real relationships with the people who have been here through good times and bad, and to create a symbiotic relationship with newcomers,” said Dietrich Knoer, president and CEO of The Platform. “Our hope is to learn more about, and to showcase, the incredible talent and works of Detroiters here at the Fisher.”

MKR underground will initially start with work from 12 makers. Those interested are encouraged to apply here or through the MKR City app.

The two programs are part of the Beacon Project, started in late 2016 as a way to activate public spaces in and around the Fisher Building. This includes a photo exhibit of Detroit innovators, and the Fisher halfpipe earlier last spring.

Fisher Building

3011 West Grand Boulevard, , MI 48202