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Unusual Midtown building converted into sleek condos

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Buy one condo or buy the building!

Photos by Stylish Detroit

This odd brick building on 3rd Street likely has many stories to tell. Most recently, it was home to the Motor City Art Center. In the past, it’s been home to a church and a funeral parlor. Dating back to 1900, the property was purchased in January 2017 by Midtown Detroit Partners, LLC, and since, it’s been transformed into two residential units. They saw the 2,700-square-foot building better suited for residential than mixed-use, giving the new owners a chance to be right in the middle of the resurgence of the city.

The offering itself is quite different. Each unit—the upper and lower—is listed for sale, but so is the whole building. The lower unit with the light walls and arched windows is 1,537 square feet, with two bedrooms and two baths, and listing for $469,000. The upper unit with more exposed brick and darker finishes is 1,166 square feet, with two bedrooms and one bath, and listing for $379,000. For those interested in snagging the whole building, it’s going for $829,000. Located right on 3rd Street at Prentis, it’s close to Wayne State, the arenas, and downtown. It’s listed through Matt O’Laughlin at the Loft Warehouse.