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Damaged steeple at Fort Street Presbyterian Church to undergo repairs

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Last March, a windstorm blew through Detroit, and one of the most visible reminders remains at the historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church. The spire at the top of the steeple tilted, leaving many to worry that it might fall. Passers-by reported their safety concerns this week, leading to MDOT and city officials closing down streets and sidewalks around the church.

Photo by Robert F. Sharrow

But representatives from the church say that the steeple is secured and repairs have been in the works. We’ll see a large crane in the street to fix the 1855 structure next week.

“Fort Street has been in the process of a long-term repair to our historic steeple. The structure was examined last year, after strong winds knocked the steeple’s top spire askew and caused damage to its shingles and trim, and was determined to be strongly cross-braced and is securely fastened to the building with steel cabling. An orderly repair has been in the works since November, when the church finally received an insurance settlement that would partially pay for needed repairs,” said architect Robert Sharrow, church Treasurer.

Sharrow says the finial spire on top of the structure is secured to the peak of the steeple.

Costs are expected to run over $100,000, and the church is currently fundraising for $40,000 they still need.

Work on the steeple is expected to take about two weeks.

Fort Street Presbyterian Church

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