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New renderings revealed for Brush Park condos under construction

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A while back, we showed you a smaller condo project going up in Brush Park. It’s now one of many condos under construction in the neighborhood (yes, we’ll make a Brush Park construction map soon). For an area that was neglected for so long, it’s almost shocking to see the influx of development and the rising prices in the neighborhood.

Ground broke last fall on this four-condo development on vacant land on Eliot Street. Readers weren’t crazy about the aesthetic, but it’s slightly changing, and we have a better idea of the back of the development.

The units for sale are larger than many other new build, for sale condos in Detroit, coming in at about 1,900 square feet. The $350 per square foot price tag is on par with the nearby City Modern development. Developer Michael Kelemen says that winter has slowed down construction just a little, the first floor was up before Christmas, the walls on the second floor are up, and the concrete on the second floor is ready to be poured.

Construction earlier this week
Courtesy of Michael Kelemen

The development will have European tilt & turn windows, private decks, high efficiency heating and cooling systems, and an underground rainwater harvest system. This one should be ready for move-in by next winter.