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Gramont Manor condo in New Center asks $139K

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For those looking for a more affordable condo option that’s still close to downtown and Midtown (and every part of town, really), New Center still has reasonably-priced options. We anticipate that this could change in the next few years, as more development takes shape around the neighborhood. This new listing is pricier than others we’ve seen in this complex, but still well under $200 per square foot. This fourth floor two-bedroom condo in Gramont Manor is listing for $139,000.

It has a tiny kitchen but a large living room/sun room with lots of sunlight. The condo is 850 square feet, so the bedrooms are a little small. It also comes with a storage space, a gated parking space, and two A/C units. HOA fees run $351 per month. The complex is located on Seward Street, a few blocks from the Fisher Building and a block away from Woodward. It’s listed through Liz Tintinalli.