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Former pharmacy in West Village now two-bedroom rental for $2,050/month

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Photos by Planomatic

For those looking for a place to live with some history, this recognizable abode in West Village is up for rent. Located right on East Lafayette near Van Dyke, this 1915 building was once the West Village Pharmaceutical Co. The building was sold right around Christmas for $331,000, and now one of the units is up for rent for $2,050 per month.

The unit has two bedrooms, one bath, new windows, refinished floors, a study, secure parking, A/C, lots of storage in the kitchen, a basement for storage, and laundry. It comes in at just over 1,500 square feet, and it’s close to the shops and restaurants in West Village, and not too far from Belle Isle.

We also have a peek at what the second unit with the big windows looks like, as it was staged before the sale.

Urban Alterscape handled the Interior Design and the General Contractor team responsible for the build out was George and Erika Baker. The unique property was sold by Jason Hill of Historic Realty Detroit, and the unit up for lease is also listed through him.