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Save this 1890 Farmington barn, yours if you move it

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We know y’all love barn doors

Photos courtesy of Preservation Farmington

If you’ve been looking for a way to get more actively involved in preservation and you have an interest in moving large structures, a barn in Farmington could be yours. The 1890 barn—in good condition, we’ll add—sits on a parcel of land that recently sold to new owners. The plans for the land involve a new steak house, barn not included.

The price tag for the old barn is an appealing “free,” but the new owner will have to move it.

Preservation Farmington is working with the new owners to try to find someone to move the barn. It sits behind a house on Grand River, which will be demolished.

32905 Grand River

According to Preservation Farmington’s Facebook post, the barn is smaller than normal barns and in fairly good condition. The barn is 30 feet tall at its highest point, with three horse stalls and an original grain chute. Those interested need to act quick—the barn will need to be move by early March.

Interested? Contact Preservation Farmington for more details.

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Posted by Preservation Farmington on Friday, January 26, 2018