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Protest planned against more Cass Corridor surface parking

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Woodward and Charlotte
Photo by Mark Hall

There seems to be an endless battle to preserve what’s left of the older buildings around the new arena, especially when surface parking seems to be taking over Cass Corridor. Preservationists rallied last year to save apartment buildings near Cass and Henry, and now the district is up for Historic Preservation. In recent weeks, preservationists have noticed that the Woodstock Apartments on Peterboro could be the site of a future parking lot.

Now, there’s concern that the United States Motors Building at Woodward and Charlotte could be next.

A “Stop Demolishing Detroit’s History for Surface Parking!” rally is planned for Saturday at 2 p.m. at 2959 Woodward. According to the organizers, “Saving these historic buildings is not merely sentimental. These structures are the valuable, viable, non-renewable resources that are driving Detroit’s renaissance.” More information can be found at the Facebook event page.

This comes after word that a potential 20-story tower could be built by Olympia near Comerica Park. Olympia owns numerous older buildings in the area surrounding the arenas, although renovation work has only been announced for a few.