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Incredible Boston-Edison renovation sells for $440K

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What a transformation!

Photography by Tiffany Le Photography and KLOCKTOWER Media Group

Boston-Edison west of the Lodge has been fascinating to watch this past year, as houses continue to improve and sell for higher prices. Last June, we saw a gorgeous, long-vacant home on Longfellow Street that Batton Homes took on. It listed for $449,900 and we’ve heard that it just sold for $440,000, making it the most expensive house sold on the west side of the Lodge in that neighborhood in years.

We pulled a few photos for before and after comparisons, to show what they were working with. You can see a religious mural and gross carpeting in the living room, plus walls coming off in the kitchen. The group focuses on restoration, and you can see some of the work that was done in the built-ins and the fireplace.

The house is over 3,200 square feet with five bedrooms, three full and two half baths, a new deck, and a new roof. More photos of the home can be found here. The selling price is coming in at about $135 per square foot. A nearby home also recently just sold for $430,000. Could this be a good sign for homes in the surrounding area?