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Learn restoration techniques at Clara and Henry Ford’s Fair Lane

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Courtesy of Historic Surfaces LLC

At Clara and Henry Ford’s Fair Lane estate, work has been underway to restore the home to its original 1915 beauty. Structural work has already taken place, and now the majority of work is happening inside. This involves stripping layers of paint from plaster and woodwork to reveal its original details. Detroit-based Historic Surfaces LLC has been working on this project, and this winter, they’re offering workshops to share their restoration techniques.

Tony Kartsonas of Historic Surfaces LLC will lead participants through two upcoming workshops. The first on January 27 covers paint stripping techniques, while the workshop on February 10 covers cleaning and refinishing wood surfaces. Workshops last three hours, and a house tour showing the restoration work in progress is offered at the end of each tour. Tickets are $50 for the workshop. More information on these and future workshops can be found here.

Restoration work in the Music Room
Courtesy of Historic Surfaces LLC

The estate is listed on the State of Michigan’s Historic Register and the National Register of Historic Places. The volunteer board at the Fair Lane Estate is leading the multi-year restoration effort. Here’s a look at some of the background and work so far.