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Public hearing for proposed Cass-Henry Historic District scheduled for this week [updated]

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Update: An earlier version stated a tipster told Curbed the residents at the Claridge had been evicted. The Detroit News reports that the building has been boarded up. More information is included below.

Update 2: [1/12/18] At the meeting, dozens of citizens showed support in favor of creating the Cass-Henry Historic District, with no one opposed. According to Preservation Detroit, the Cass-Henry Historic will be on the agenda for the February meeting of the HDAB and if approved, will go to the City Council.

A Historic Designation Advisory Board meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, January 11 to discuss the proposed Cass-Henry Historic District. Last summer, preservationists rallied to protect the Hotel Ansonia and Atlanta Apartments on Cass, which are owned by Olympia Development.

The area was first given an Interim Historic Designation, which was then replaced with a Historic District study, which councilman Scott Benson told Curbed would give them the same protection.

Another building in the district, The Claridge on Henry Street, has now been boarded up. The Detroit News reports that, “Former residents of the Claridge, which has been boarded up, were offered apartments in the Berwin, another of the Henry apartments, four Berwin residents said Monday. The process of moving the Claridge residents began a couple of months ago, and the building was completely shut in past few weeks, they added.”

That building was one of three that was recently purchased for $8.1 million by a mysterious buyer under the name Cass Village Apartments LLC.

The district is right by Little Caesars Arena and within Olympia’s “District Detroit.” On their website, Olympia has renamed that area “Cass Park Village.”

The Historic Designation Advisory Board meeting is Thursday, January 11 at 4 p.m. at the Michigan State University Detroit Center at 3408 Woodward Avenue. It’s open to the public.