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Detroit Land Bank debuts new website

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A current property up for auction

Those looking to buy property to renovate in Detroit on the cheap often look to the Detroit Land Bank auctions or sales. The DLBA has recently relaunched their website, which offers more ways to connect and find info about the DLBA, as well as handle more capacity. now has more property search options, including drawable maps and searching by zip code, street, and neighborhood. The website will also be able to handle more volume; in the past, some houses (especially in Boston-Edison) have attracted so much interest that they’ve crashed the site. The new site will have stronger security and stability.

Those interested in purchasing from the DLBA can also directly upload documents to the site and check on the status of applications.

For those new to, the Land Bank posts daily auctions on vacant homes that need extensive renovations. Auctions start at $1,000. The site includes estimated rehab costs, plus a property condition report. This La Salle Gardens duplex is currently up for auction could go for $1,000, but the new owners should have the money to pay for renovations, which are currently estimated at $145,869.

The DLBA also lists vacant lots that can be bought, as well as move-in ready homes through their Rehabbed & Ready program.

The Detroit Land Bank has sold over 4,000 vacant homes since launching in 2014.