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Here’s what $120K buys in Detroit and the suburbs

From Ferndale to the North End

Welcome to this week’s Curbed Comparisons, where we look at homes for sale in different neighborhoods around Detroit. Today, we’re looking at houses within $10,000 of our budget: $120,000.

First up is a four-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bath home in the North End. This house has in-tact woodwork and built-ins, a handsome fireplace, wood beams, and a sun room. It could use some updates, but it’s coming in at 1,868 square feet and it’s located in between New Center and Boston-Edison in Detroit. It’s listed right on budget at $120,000.

Here’s a three bedroom, one bath house just west of Detroit in Redford. This has renovated living areas including an updated kitchen and bathroom, plus a retro basement. It also has a fairly large yard and a detached garage, and it’s listing for $130,000.

In Ferndale, here’s a teeny tiny house that’s coming in on budget. It’s 570 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom, plus a new kitchen. It could be a good starter home for someone, and it’s listing for $124,900.

This three bedroom, one-and-a-half bath brick house is located near Grandmont-Rosedale on Detroit’s west side. It has new finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms, plus hardwood floors and a formal dining room. This house is 1,680 square feet and it’s listing for $110,000.

And in Hazel Park just north of Detroit, here’s a three-bedroom, one-bath house just recently renovated in our price range. It’s coming in at 950 square feet with an open floor plan, and outside there’s a fenced yard. It’s listing for $114,400.


Which $120K house would you buy?

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    Hazel Park
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