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New interactive map reveals downtown Detroit development progress and pipeline

It’s a new tool from the Downtown Detroit Partnership

Downtown Detroit Partnership

In late September, the Downtown Detroit Partnership presented updates on major developments to its stakeholders. Now, it’s released a new interactive online map for those interested in following along with all the developments downtown.

The map is still in its early stages, and still has a few kinks to work out, but it’s an easy place for anyone interested in development in Detroit (i.e. most Curbed readers) to get lost for a while.

To follow along, the map has recently completed projects in green, current projects in blue, and future projects in orange.

Downtown Detroit Partnership

In the pipeline, some notable entries include developments reported on a long time ago but still under discussion like new condos called the Ashton and many projects around Harmonie Park. Also in the pipeline are future office towers such as the Chemical Bank building and the Monroe Blocks, and renovations of the Marquette Building (Adient recently bailed on the project) and the Leland Hotel.

Users can also go to specific buildings for more detailed information, including many recently and soon-to-be completed. This includes the MarxModa building, the Church of Scientology, the Shinola Hotel, the Element Detroit Hotel, and renovations to 1515-1529 Woodward.

The map offers the overview where users can click on specific dots representing buildings, or move through in a more 3-D fashion, although that feature seems to be a bit clunkier to navigate for the time being.

The map includes all major developments in the Central Business District, plus a few just north, including City Modern, the future Brewster-Douglass development, and the recently-completed Mike Ilitch School of Business.