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5 homes for sale in East English Village

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All affordable, move-in ready homes

East English Village has some of the more affordable move-in ready homes for sale in the city. It’s also a tight-knit community that happened to win the Curbed Cup as best neighborhood in Detroit for two years in a row. Many of these homes have similar styles with some distinctive features, and prices range from $110,000 up to $189,000.

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

This cute bungalow could be a good starter home for the right buyer. It has two bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths, hardwood floors, and a wood-paneled basement. It also has a fireplace in the living room, some original tiling, and a two-car garage out back. It’s on the smaller side at 1,069 square feet, and it’s listed for $119,000.

This brick bungalow’s listing boasts “Great Area” and a “beautiful home.” It’s a little larger than the first with three bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths, oak floors, and room on the second floor. It comes in at 1,301 square feet and also includes a two-car garage. This one lists for $149,900.

This three-bedroom colonial has a newer kitchen, hardwood floors, an unusual but finished basement, central air, a two-car garage, and a new roof and furnace. It’s coming in at 1,446 square feet and listing for $130,000.

This four-bedroom house was featured in a recent Curbed Comparison, and it’s still available. It has some bold wallpaper, an additional living area, two full baths, and wood floors. The 1,603-square-foot home sits on a corner lot and it’s listing for $189,000.

This three-bedroom charmer has distinctive archways in the living spaces, a large fireplace, hardwood floors, a covered porch, three bedrooms, two baths, a large backyard, and a small covered porch. It comes in at 1,106 square feet and it’s listed for $110,000.