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A very old Corktown cottage hits the market for $225K

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How old?

Photos courtesy of JoJo Walker

A new listing in Corktown could be a great renovation project. It’s small—just over 700 square feet—and looking straight on, you can see Michigan Central Station in the background. This is an older cottage in the neighborhood, but just how old is up for debate. The listing suggests the possibility for pre-1860. Some Corktown historians have told us this property could date back to 1865-70. Any insight on this? Reach out to us!

There was another structure on this site that has been torn down, and this property sits back from the street. This cottage has an unfortunate 1990’s look inside; perhaps the new owner might want to create a more historical look inside the home? It did get new plumbing and electrical at that time, along with a new roof. It’s just one bed and one bath and sits not too far from Michigan Avenue, close to the new redevelopment at the train station. It’s listed through JoJo Walker at O’Connor Real Estate.