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Detroit allows more scooters in the city, requires more in the neighborhoods

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100 more per company

Bird scooters sit near Bagley & Trumbull
Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit’s love affair with scooters will continue, as the city announced the option for companies to expand the amount of scooters in the city. Companies like Bird and Lime will now be able to deploy 400 scooters each—the current amount is 300—but the companies must deploy a minimum of 100 scooters in neighborhoods past Grand Boulevard.

Currently, most scooters can be seen in the Central Business District and the surrounding areas. Earlier this fall, City Council member Scott Benson said he’d like to see up to 70 percent of the scooters outside of the 7.2 miles of the greater downtown area, so they’re available to more people in the neighborhoods.

In regards to the updated guidelines, Benson says, “Anytime we can bring the downtown experience into Detroit neighborhoods, I think it is a sign of overall growth for Detroit. This initiative is particularly important in a city where 33 percent of residents are without reliable transportation; this mobility option helps people get around neighborhoods with fun and ease.”

The proposed additional deployment would bring 15 Bird scooters to each of the districts, with ten in District 5. Lim would deploy 20 scooters each in Districts 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

The Neighborhoods

The city also plans on forming a Community Advisory Board who will work with city departments and the community “to ensure mobility options, like scooters, are accessible and inclusive.”