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Development notes: Hudson’s site goes higher, Gordie Howe Bridge timeline

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Plus news on the Brewster-Douglass site

Courtesy of Bedrock

A few transformative development projects have had some quick news bites in the past week. These projects are in the early stages of development, but when complete, will make a huge impact in their neighborhoods and the city.

Work plans are becoming clearer on the Gordie Howe International Bridge. The Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority announced last week that they signed a contract with Bridging North America “to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.” Bridging North America is working with a 74-month construction schedule, placing the opening of the new bridge at the end of 2024.

John Gallagher at the Detroit Free Press recently wrote about the design choices in the new bridge, and that while the nearby Ambassador Bridge represents the classic suspension bridge design, the new bridge will showcase a sleek, contemporary cable-stayed aesthetic.

The largest development downtown could go higher than previously planned. The Dan Gilbert/Bedrock-led Hudson’s site tower was previously expected to rise 800 feet tall, and now Kirk Pinho at Crain’s reports that it could go as high as 912 feet. And remember, an observation deck will be at the top of the tower.

The Hudson’s site, with observation deck on top of the tower.
Courtesy of Bedrock

A decision is expected on the height by the end of January. Construction officially started last December, and the timeline for completion is four or five years. Currently, the site is a huge hole in the ground, as an underground parking garage has been completely dug out.

When completed, expect the large tower and a 12-story podium to cover the iconic block. Retail, office space, residential, event space, and perhaps a hotel could go into the development.

The Hudson’s site is one of four downtown developments underway by Bedrock that’s receiving enormous tax breaks.

More news was released on another huge Bedrock-led development this week. By next summer, the developers should break ground on the Brewster-Douglass site, bringing over 900 residential units to Brush Park.

An aerial of the Brewster-Douglass site.
Courtesy of ROSSETTI

ROSSETTI announced earlier this week that they’ve been chosen to create the master plan for the site. The 22-acre site is of historic significance, as it opened in 1938 as a public housing project for African-Americans. The towers were demolished in 2014.

The plan will incorporate the street grid back into the site, and will include a variety of public spaces. “This is an ambitious project that will honor this neighborhood with a rich history and we are proud to be part of it,” said Matt Rossetti, president of the firm. “The master plan considers all populations and need for amenities, high-quality public spaces, and educational opportunities to the area’s existing and future residents.”

Work on this project will be completed in multiple phases, much like the nearby City Modern, which recently started opening to new residents.

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