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Former ‘ugliest apartment building’ gets fresh new look

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Plus updated apartments ready for tenants

Photos courtesy of Secure Realty

Back in 2013, Curbed featured a big box of a building—kind of like a Monopoly hotel piece—listed for sale. Once destined for condos, the building sat empty near I-94 across from Midtown. Alex Pereira—known for the Lorax, Up, and Wonderland Houses, as well as the JD Baer House in Woodbridge—has redone the building in his signature bright colors and is now leasing the apartments.

Up for rent are six one-bedrooms, three two-bedrooms, and three private office suites. Two units are renting at $1,100 for those making 80 percent of the Area Median Income; the rest are renting at Midtown prices. A one-bedroom is coming in at $1,300 per month, with a two-bedroom currently renting for $1,900.

The apartments have new finishes and systems, along with private decks and secure parking.

The building doesn’t have a name yet, but we can also expect more artwork to adorn it; a bronze statue is on its way. It’s close to the museum district, Wayne State, the bars and galleries in Milwaukee Junction, and New Center. It’s also close to many bus lines and the Qline. Here’s a look around the finished units.